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My Testimony


I’m so excited about what god is doing in my church. My mother was saved filled with the holy ghost when I was 2yrs old and all I knew was church I didn’t know a lot about the world outside church and I felt out of place as I was getting older I gradually stop going to church as much. The outside world became easier to catch onto and understand. But one day I decided to get my life together and get saved and I was filled with the holy ghost after the lord saved me I return to my church that I grew up knowing and I’ve been there every sense I am now 41yrs old and there’s no place I rather be than where IChurch at Full Gospel Holy Temple Located @ 39727 LBJ Freeway Dallas, Tx. 75237 come check us out or call for more information 972-572-fght (3448).

May the Lord God Bless you Real Good